Luis Ceballos

Ph.D. Candidate in Finance

Smeal College of Business

The Pennsylvania State University


My CV in PDF is here.


Working papers

  • "Inflation Volatility Risk and the Cross-section of Corporate Bond Returns"

      • Presentations: EFA 2022 Annual Meeting (scheduled), SWFA 2022 Annual Meeting (scheduled), 34th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference, FMA Special Ph.D. Paper Session, FMA Doctoral Consortium 2021, New Zealand Finance Meeting 2021, SFA 2021 Annual Meeting, INQUIRE UK, World Finance & Banking Symposium 2021, Frontiers in International Finance and Banking, Penn State University (2021), Central Bank of Chile (2021).

  • "Price Pressure in the Government Bond Market: Long-term Impact of Short-term Advice" (with Damian Romero).

      • Presentations: Penn State (2021), EFA Annual Meeting (2021), SWFA Annual Meeting (2021), FMA Annual Meeting (2020), SFA Annual Meeting (2020), and Central Bank of Chile (2020).

  • "UIP: a Partial Reconciliation from Event Studies" (with Elias Albagli, Sebastian Claro and Damian Romero).

      • Presentations: Czech National Bank (2021), International Monetary Fund (2021), Universidad de los Andes (2021), PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University (2019).

  • "Smart Financing Decisions: Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market" (with Anh Le and Joel Vanden).

Work in progress

  • International Portfolio Bond Spillovers

  • Inflation Risk and Timing Ability in the Corporate Bond Market

Conference discussions

  • "Pricing Climate Change Risk in Corporate Bonds" by Elsa Allman (WFBS 2021).[Slides].

  • "Monetary Reforms and Inflation Expectations in Japan: Evidence from Inflation-Indexed Bonds" by Jens Christensen and Mark M. Spiegel (AFBC 2021) [Slides].

  • "Switching Perspective: How Does Firm-Level Distress Risk Price the Cross-Section of Corporate Bond Returns?" by Kevin Aretz and Shuwen Yang (NZFM 2021) [Slides].

  • "Black Tax: Evidence of Racial Discrimination in Municipal Borrowing Costs" by A. Eldemire, K. Luchtenberg and M. Wynter (FMA 2021) [Slides].

  • "Downside Risk and the Cross-section of Corporate Bond Returns" by R. Lopez Aliouchkin, P. Augustin, L. Cong and R. Tedongap (SFA 2021) [Slides].

  • "International Yield Spillovers" by Don Kim and Marcelo Ochoa (EFA 2021) [Slides].

  • "Sources of Herding in Bond Mutual Funds" by Artem Malinin and Anita Pennathur (SWFA 2021) [Slides].

  • "Unconventional Monetary Policy and International Equity Capital Flows to Emerging Markets" by C. Andreou, N. Dimic, V. Piljak and A. Svvides (SFA 2020).

  • "Aggregating Information for Optimal Portfolio Weights" by Xiao Li (FMA 2020) [Slides].