Luis Ceballos

Assistant Professor of Finance

Knauss School of Business

University of San Diego


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I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of San Diego. I am also Co-Editor at the Latin American Business Review. Prior to my Ph.D., I worked as a senior economist at the Central Bank of Chile. 

My work is mainly focused on empirical asset pricing related to international finance and fixed-income markets.

My CV in PDF is here.


[5] "UIP Deviations: Insights from Event Studies" (with E. Albagli, S. Claro and D. Romero), Journal of International Economics, 2024, 148.

[4] "International Portfolio Bond Spillovers" (with D. Romero). Economics Letters, 2022, 220, 110847.

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[1]. "Nominal Term Structure and Term Premia: Evidence from Chile" (with A. Naudon and D. Romero), Applied Economics, 2016, 48(29), 2721-2735.

Working papers

[7] "Inflation Volatility Risk and the Cross-section of Corporate Bond Returns".

[6] "Price Pressure in the Government Bond Market: Long-term Impact of Short-term Advice" (with D. Romero). Submitted.

[5] "Smart Financing Decisions: Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market" (with A. Le and J. Vanden).

[4] "Is Political Risk Priced in the Corporate Bond Market?" (with V. Piljak and L. Swinkels). 

[3] "Navigating Inflation Risk in Corporate Bond Markets: Evidence from Mutual Funds" (with H. Xiao).

[2] "A Post-Pandemic New Normal for Interest Rates in Emerging Bond Markets? Evidence from Chile" (with J. Christensen and D. Romero).

[1] "Market-Based Estimates of the Natural Real Rate: Evidence from Latin American Bond Markets" (with J. Christensen and D. Romero).

Work in progress

1. "International Green Bond Premium" (with Olesya Grishchenko, Jingzhi Huang and Damian Romero)

2. "Global Inflation and International Mutual Fund Returns"

3. "Corporate Debt Maturity Management and Inflation Risk"